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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  March 14, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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that's what's making new this is america this wednesday morning. >> thanks for watching. have a great wednesday. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead a deadly end it for a montgomery county shooting suspect. >> we did it again. >> voters in the south have spoken. they want rick santorum. his latest win will shake up the gop presidential race. good wednesday morning. i am steve cheveney. >> i am pamela brown. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. another beautiful day. >> gorgeous. yesterday we hit 81 at reagan
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national. we will have a northwesterly breeze today. we will be in the upper 70's this afternoon, near 80 degrees today. low 80's tomorrow. it is 55 currently in winchester, 59 in the district, 54 degrees in frederick culpeper at 48. total sunshine today. temperatures in the upper 70's, low 80s. tomorrow, widespread low 80's. tomorrow afternoon and evening we have a chance of isolated thunderstorms a few hours before sunset. friday is the best chance of a little more widespread rain and thunderstorms by the midday into the afternoon. saturday and sunday, partly cloudy and increasing clouds at some time over the weekend. still in the seven days for the foreseeable future. lisa baden. >> starting with some pretty
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cameras. 270 looks uneventful. dry pavement for everyone this morning. loving life around the beltway. nothing complicated on 95 in maryland or virginia. there was overnight construction in springfield, but that will be gone by the time you hit the road. maryland traffic on the beltway looks great. normal travel times right now along 95 between fredericksburg and baltimore. we will come back with travel times. now to a news. >> the man suspected of killing a woman in kensington is dead. philip gilberti was found dead at a rockville home last night. investigators are trying to figure out why he killed his estranged girlfriend yesterday morning. he shot 36-year-old heather mcguire and then dr. body at the
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intersection of connecticut and knowles avenue. they believe it was domestic in nature. he had a history of violence. -- then dumped her body at the intersection. >> i am just glad that we were able to resolve this case without further loss of life. >> police say that the suspect was supposed to be in court today morning but never showed up and deeper and several people including family members. he and the woman had children together and he had she had children from another relationship. >> yesterdarick santorum is making a comeback. the former pennsylvania senator defeated newt gingrich and written mitt romney in mississippi
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and achieved the same results in alabama. santorum wanted to solidify its position as the true conservative while romney was open to appeal to southern voters. >> this campaign is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things, sort of like america. going out there and exceeding expectations. >> the conservative candidates got nearly 70% of the votes. if you are the front-runner and keep coming in third you are not much of a front runner. >> newt gingrich says that he will stay in the race. mitt romney issued a written statement congratulating rick santorum. while mitt romney came in third in alabama and mississippi, he did win in hawaii each and american samoa. >> president obama and the british prime minister will meet today at the white house and
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attend a state dinner tonight. he took david cameron the n.c.a.a. game last night. several d.c. council members have been subpoenaed. it is asking for documents related to campaign contributions from political donor jeffrey thompson. he's the owner of d.c.'s largest medicaid contractor. he has given money to most of d.c.'s top elected officials including vincent gray and kwame brown. >> leon panetta in afghanistan meeting with afghan leaders and u.s. troops. this comes after the military found probable cause to hold a soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians in a shooting spree. the soldier could face the death penalty if convicted. the military says it has not decided whether he will be tried in afghanistan or elsewhere. >> some hotel pools may be under
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lock and key this morning and apple is under the microscope. >> linda bell has details. >> good morning. stock-index futures are little changed. there was a big rally on wall street yesterday partly on results from the federal reserve stress tests. apple has been subpoenaed. they want information on how it incorporates google search engine on the iphone and ipad. details may show whether google is abusing its dominance of the internet search in the mobile market. if you are considering booking a hotel, you may not able to a swimming pool a. some hotel operators must have
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lifts to provide disabled people access by tomorrow. some motel operators are considering shutting down their toolpools. walt disney wants to hire military veterans. and i will tell you where to get free french fries this weekend. that's coming up. back to you. >> thank you. sounds good. it is 62 degrees >> . still to come, more problems with the washington monument. why they need to take a closer look at the obelisk. >> a parade through downtown d.c. >> mercury pushing 80.
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>> wednesday morning. it's going to be another one day. get used to the springlike conditions in washington. let's look at the numbers. mainly in the 60's. a few 40's including manassas. 48 in culpeper. 60 degrees in hagerstown, 65 in martinsburg. 53 -- 63 in annapolis.
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high temperatures will reach near 80 degrees. widespread low 80's tomorrow and a few mid 80's farther south of town. some energy will move through tomorrow afternoon and evening and that will give us isolated thundershowers late in the day tomorrow. a 30% chance of that. a better chance throughout the day on friday. if not a total washout just showers and brief thunderstorms. temperatures in the '70s with the exception of tomorrow, low 80's. >> we have a pot of gold around the beltway. everything moving beautifully along 95. travel times working for you out of ashburn and leesburg, sterling and tysons. looks good on 66 between centreville and the beltway. 270 at father hurley is moving well. looks good to the wilson bridge. looks good at the new york ave. 95 in virginia looks good.
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in springfield, the headlights are northbound and it is quiet. >> the circus is in town. ringling brothers went to the verizon center last night from capitol hill. the show is tomorrow through sunday. it will go through baltimore before returning to the patriot center in fairfax in april. it's always fun for the weekend. >> it is a good time. >> it is 64 degrees. >> coming up, fixing the washington monument could take longer than expected. >> crash in a plane >> . a flight attendant posing meltdown on board an airplane. the panicked 911 call from passengers.
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>> friends of a month college students are trying to prevent him and his family from being deported to colombia. >> jorge and his family are in the u.s. illegally. they were arrested and placed in a detention center last week. he is one semester away from graduating from college with a 3.5 grade point average. his friends say that the dreams of becoming a surgeon. >> i believe that if a family or
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a person comes to this country for opportunities and is a hard worker if and a dedicated and honest person, they should be treated like any citizen. >> his friends have collected more than 5000 signatures and have started a facebook group and has 200 members. they plan to rally at the ice skating rink at rock hill town center today. >> a hearing will be held to determine whether albrecht route is competent to stand trial. he's charged with first-degree murder in the death of his 91- year-old wife. he strangled her last summer in their home. he will be arraigned this morning. loudoun county couple made their children later to elementary school too often and are on trial. they have been late almost 30 times just since september. most of the time they were three minutes late or less. they could be fined $3,000.
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their lawyers are trying to get the case dismissed. >> yesterday the defense rested their case in the at virginia tech case. the parents of two slain students are suing the state authorities. police are looking for a man who stole a family car with their baby in the back seat yesterday at home on suitland road in southeast d.c. the car was found a short time later in capitol heights. the engine was still running and the thief had fled. the 5-month-old was in the car and was not harmed. he was reunited with his family. >> its wednesday. learning new details about a scare aboard an american airlines flight last week. flight attendants went on a rampage and told everyone the flight was going to crash.
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listen. >> airport 911, what is the location of your emergency? >> there is someone talking about crashing our plane. >> the flight attendants over the p.a. system. >> you are on board the flight? >> yes. >> the flight attendant named theresa green was combative. before officers arrived she had kicked another flight attendant in the stomach. after her arrest she was sent for psychiatric evaluation. >> george clooney will make the rounds and testify at a senate hearing on the oil dispute and the situation in sudan and the new independent south sudan. the actor created the satellite program that helpopes to prevent
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war. the washington monument was damaged when the earthquake hit. this is video of this morning without an earthquake. surveyors are trying to figure out if the results of tests could help them to figure run how to repair the monument. >> temperatures will rise to nearly 80 degrees again today. people spend time outdoors yesterday. it took a lot of businesses by surprise. one restaurant owner scramble to spruce up his outdoor eating area with flowers. >> we usually start in april. but this urtime we are getting them out today. >> temperatures are the 70's from the rocky mountains to the east coast. the nice weather and may be here to stay. is that true?
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>> that's a good thing. >> i think it is here to stay through the weekend and grimaced through next week as well. if we are fine-tuning the details. 77, 75, 82. it will feel like may through the weekend and into next week. >> i have had this circled on the calendar for awhile. >> we all did. april can still become cold. it can bite. that has been known to happen where you get a mild march and then april can take a turn. don't put the long sleeves away quite yet. keep those in the closet a little longer. 59 in the district, 61 in gaithersburg. mild temperatures. 57 in quantico. yesterday at reagan national it was 81, above average.
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i think that we could try a record tomorrow afternoon. the record high is 81. that is the most likely record for the foreseeable future that we could contend with is on thursday, tomorrow. we may even breaks that by one degree. vast sunshine expected today. no clouds in the sky. 7:20 sunrise. clear conditions all across the eastern united states. pleasant weather pattern that we are seeing. 79 for the high temperature with total sunshine today northwesterly breeze. the winds have shifted for today. that is the only reason i am not going into a vein low 80's this afternoon, because the wind will be. and out of the be clear tonight, in the 50's. overnight temperatures are equivalent to our typical afternoon high temperatures. unseasonably warm weather pattern. patchy clouds tomorrow with a
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slight chance of a late-day and thunderstorms. 30% chance of a brief thundershower tomorrow afternoon and evening. if better chance on friday. low 80's tomorrow. 70's friday into next week. >> a soberide as far as interstate travel. belle glade trouble will be better. clearing overnight construction in tysons and springfield and they have already done so on the beltway in landover. traffic near the pentagon everything is running smoothly on 395 and on washington boulevard, 110 and 66 head of through rosslyn and ballston and across the roosevelt bridge. looks good in falls church and rockville. nothing complicated, 355. back to you. >> thank you. it's wednesday morning. >> up next, hoop highlights from march madness.
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>> byu has come all the way back. >> quite a comeback.
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byu overcame a 25-point deficit last night, a devastating iona, a 78-72. that is the biggest comeback in tournament history. schiz off to an exciting start. western kentucky came back to win over mississippi valley state earlier in the night. president obama is picking kentucky ohio state missouri, and north carolina. on the women's side, is elected baylor, st. john, connecticut. mitt romney says that he will not join the president and millions of others in filling out the brackets. he is missing all the fun. he was smart to choose the tar heels and kentucky wildcats. it is 62 degrees. >> still ahead in the next hour,
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big news from the redskins on the thursday of free agency. >> two houses go up in flames
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>> straight ahead at 5:00, the manhunt for murder suspect in montgomery county has ended in gunfire. >> the south has spoken and mitt romney was not their choice. we will look a


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